Recruiting Trends of the Future- 4 Strategies to Help You Attract Top Talent

The mark of a great company is the team of creative and skilled people that hold it together. A strong recruitment strategy makes sure your company gets a constant supply of the best candidates around. With the massive shifts in recruitment trends in the past year, how should you find the right employees?

It is no doubt that 2020 forced many industries to speed up their technological learning curve to cope with the near-impossible situation set up by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the pandemic is not the only driving force towards change.

The universe, as we know it, has greatly shifted in the past year. The Covid-19 pandemic immobilized movement, freedom, and most social activities for the better part of 2020.

The quarantine and curfews have lessened slightly, but many permanent changes have already been set in place.

Furthermore, there is an increasing demand to explore the true scale of what advanced technology has to offer. With possibly revolutionizing pre-conditions in place, there are some new recruitment trends that organizations today can adapt to be successful.

Remote Jobs Aren’t Going Anywhere

When the pandemic first hit, a period of brief uncertainty took hold over companies across the nation. People waited patiently, then quickly took to the screens to keep their jobs alive.

The transition to remote jobs started strong, with many employees determined to make the best of a bad situation. Now, after a year of Covid-19, many companies have found that they are perfectly capable of carrying on their work without having every employee under a single roof.

In fact, for many organizations, it seems keeping to remote work has improved productivity and decreased unnecessary expenses. According to FlexJobs’ survey, around 95% of respondents say that their productivity has been higher working remotely.

Small scale businesses find that they save quite a bit on electrical bills, internet expenses and rent by having their employees work remotely. That is not to say that the office has been made redundant.

A foundational headquarters for an organization does have its benefits. Safe office space offers a decided divide between work and personal life something that is often blurred in remote work.

Furthermore, in-person collaboration tends to be more fruitful than teleconferencing. Decisions can be made swiftly in real-time in the office that may otherwise take hours or days waiting on email replies.

Yet, as many employees are proving to be just as productive online as on-site, companies are considering offering options for the worksite. This flexibility in the workspace will allow companies to attract a broader circle of candidates.

Diversity and Inclusion Are a Necessity

There is a lot that has been happening over the past few years, and the effects are just starting to take hold. The Black Lives Matter movement that started in 2013 has had a significant impact on starting conversations on police brutality.

In 2020 the full-force of the movement imploded worldwide, demanding a thorough analysis of current social values. These movements have impacted company culture as employers are now working to embed equality and diversity within the office.

Many people are driven to fight for their beliefs on inclusivity. This extends as far as accepting or rejecting possible employments based on an organization’s view on diversity.

This is more than just a matter of morals, though. In fact, diversity in an organization has proven to increase returns substantially. A more diverse team allows the opportunity for fresh insight and innovative ideas. Hence, diversity and inclusion are a key trend that needs attention.

4 Strategies to Improve Recruitment

Now that we are aware of the latest workplace trends and changes, it is time to look at how best to approach recruitment in the present times.

Here are four basic hiring strategies you can incorporate to keep pace with the changing recruitment trends.

Search in Smaller Groups for Diverse Talent

The number one thing to do to diversify your team is to look in a new place for the right people. Recruiters can start by posting job openings on niche boards and sites that particularly attract a more diverse group of people.

The goal is to spread the word about any openings you have to reach a wider candidate pool. With more applications available, your chances of finding the right talent to fill the gap in your team will increase significantly.

With so many companies currently looking for new talent, the most popular job-hunting sites are already flooded with listings. In the midst of all the traffic, your post will easily get lost. Right now, standing apart from the crowd means going to sites where the traffic is significantly less.

Search Proactively

There is a whole demographic of employees passively searching for a better opportunity in the market to level up their careers. These are candidates with positive records and skills that would be a big asset to your firm.

Instead of limiting to just the active seekers rushing at every available opportunity, consider broadening your recruitment efforts to include the passive candidates as well.

Grabbing their attention won’t be so difficult. All you need is a well-structured marketing strategy to advertise the opportunity of a lifetime to entice passive candidates to consider taking up your offer.

A word of advice: don’t limit the advertising to the golden offer you are presenting. Consider sprucing up your company’s identity as well.

Make Your Brand Image Impeccable.

Candidates have access to a lot more information than in the past. The material they find online about a particular firm plays a huge role in their final acceptance of a job offer.

That said, having an impeccable image is key in ensuring candidates feel connected and comfortable enough to lean toward your organization.

One way to maintain a good reputation is marketing. Make sure your goals and ambitions are perfectly clear on your company’s site. Display the environment you offer with pictures of the office and the team on your website and virtual tours.

Allow them to see how well-placed and diverse the workforce is. The more information candidates can find on your company, the more they will gravitate toward it.

Another step to take is to ensure employee satisfaction and healthy cross-communication. In essence, you want to make sure your employees actually enjoy their job and they are proud of the company culture.

Their contentment will generate positive word-of-mouth advertisements. New candidates often look toward current employees to formulate either good or bad opinions about a certain company. By ensuring your employees are happy, you’re indirectly gaining candidate attention.

Invest in an Applicant Tracking System

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) can greatly improve the entire hiring process by publishing on job boards and tracking every application that comes your way.

Instead of searching through every single application, an ATS can screen applicants’ resumes using algorithms and preset job requirements. The system simply matches the description with the applicant and picks out the best prospective candidates.

An ATS also allows collaborative hiring from the very beginning. An entire HR department hooked into the system can leave comments or recommendations to facilitate the rest of the team to reach a unanimous decision.

This can save a tremendous amount of time as well as improve the quality of the hiring process. An ATS ensures that the final picks are the very best candidates for the job.

Effective Changes Today Will Make Tomorrow Easier

The market recruitment trends today are different from those of the past in many ways. The current trends might similarly grow redundant in the future to make way for more innovative methods.

The fact is that recruitment trends will continue to develop as employer attitude and candidate mindset continue to change.

In any case, we know for sure that past exercises in recruitment will eventually cease to attract the right people you need for your company to flourish. Therefore, it is crucial to recognize and adapt to changing times and trends.

Integrating the strategies mentioned above into your existing recruitment plan can greatly increase the quality of candidates arriving at your door. Bear in mind, it is not enough to have just one highly skilled executive to bring things into focus.

In 2021, you need to build a team of diverse, innovative, determined and hard-working individuals who share your company’s goals. You want employees who are open-minded, flexible to change and offer ingenuity to your team.

Final Thoughts

A lot has changed in the last two years. Recruiters across the board realize now that they must adapt to the changing times with new and clever strategies to attract top talent. By posting jobs to niche boards with less traffic, recruiting passive candidates, creating an admirable company culture, and investing in an applicant tracking system you will work out a more effective recruitment plan and attract the candidates that you want most.

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