Change Your Market Recruiting Strategy to Boost Diversity

As the world is getting smaller, it's becoming more focused on several humanitarian and racial crises. Many companies are now beginning to understand the importance of integrating diversity in their marketing and recruitment strategy.

It is the moral route to walk and allows candidates an equal chance at employment based on merit and skill. There's also evidence that a company with a more inclusive team significantly increases financial returns.

However, it will take some marked changes in your company's recruitment methods before you start to reach a broader demographic. This article will highlight some necessary changes that you can absorb into your current strategies for effective, unbiased recruitment.

The Dire Need for a Diverse Team

Before we get to the 'hows?', let's talk about the 'whys?'. Why work to bring about changes in a perfectly workable marketing and recruitment strategy? Why is it so important to adopt unbiased recruitment policies and change team dynamics?

Here's the thing: diversity in the workplace has been proven to increase productivity and overall profits substantially.

A 2015 Mckinsey study shows that ethnically-diverse firms tend to perform 35% better in revenue than their competition.

Furthermore, since the growing unrest in the past year, minorities feel isolated on a national level. For a moment, it seemed there's no way around the horrible events of the near past. Hence, the nation went into overdrive to encourage and demand conversation on racial discrimination now more than ever.

Most people make it a priority to endorse diversity in their professional lives. That means a full candidate pool of talented individuals chooses to accept an offer based on a company's inclusivity policies.

So, you might risk losing some competent future employees based on how you approach diversity.

Way to Improve Inclusivity in Your Marketing and Recruitment Strategy

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Now that we're crystal clear that bias in marketing recruitment is not an option, it's time to look at ways to implement some effective methods to reach a broader demographic.

D&I Training

Start with your recruiters. They might still have an unconscious bias when looking for new candidates, which is the very root of the problem. Diversity and Inclusivity training can help remove this bias and approach recruitment based solely on expertise and experience.

Keep in mind, the goal of such training isn't just to eradicate bias in workspaces. Instead, it should encourage all forms of diverse thinking, be it internal, external, organizational, or in terms of worldview.

It would be remiss of you to allow training that restricts inclusivity within the company instead of encouraging it as a way of life.

Market to Back your Message

Here's where the magic happens. It's not enough to merely state that you support diversity. You have to convincingly promise a safe, inclusive workspace for people from all backgrounds. A place where people can unapologetically be their best selves without fear or criticism will allow them to work confidently and develop creative ideas.

It would be best if you advertised your growing team of highly-qualified employees. Focus on and how they've improved with your company's support. For that, you need a well-constructed plan of action to modify and enhance existing recruitment marketing practices.

Moreover, you will need a strategic plan to devise quality content and research the best internet and media platforms to use. That might entail advertising on sites known to attract the specific marginalized groups you're looking for.

Broaden your Recruitment Criteria

Perhaps you've been restricting opportunities based on location, age-group, experience level, or even where candidates went to college. Either way, you're tightening a noose around a stream of talented individuals who have the desired qualifications because they aren't falling strictly under your set criteria.

In the end, you're left with just a drip-dropping trickle to choose from.

Instead, try pulling all the stops in your recruitment marketing to reach a larger group of people. Look within an entire state instead of a single city, don't deny applications from less prestigious colleges, and try increasing the age demographic as well.

This will allow you to attract people with different backgrounds, ethnicities, and skills to offer your organization innovative ideas.

Establish Complete Transparency

As you're starting to make changes within your company, adopt absolute transparency in your marketing strategies. Be sure to make it plain how your organization believes in inclusivity and is actively working to build a more diverse team throughout the marketing campaign and candidate hiring process.

This will open a variety of new avenues for your company and bring you closer to like-minded individuals and organizations striving for the same idea of global inclusivity. Besides, an essential aspect of recruitment is to find people who share your company's goals and vision.

Maintain Conversation to Find Improvements

If you seem to have come to a standstill at any point, consider speaking directly to your employees. Individuals from minority groups know better than anyone how to grab their community's attention. So, feel free to ask around for suggestions.

Furthermore, they could also help make changes within the organization by providing meaningful information to induce healthy cross-community interaction.

One rising topic of frustration and debate is the proper and gender-neutral pronouns for members of the LGBTQ+ community. A small session to explain how to address various individuals can significantly improve your company's social atmosphere and productivity by proxy.


A word of reminder, finding candidates to build a group that hits all the marks of a healthy and diverse team is not an all-nighter. It will take time and effort to create a workable marketing and recruitment strategy that attracts the people you need to fill the gaps.

Even after considerable changes, you may feel like nothing is being accomplished, and no change is in sight, especially with many folks still hanging on to an ever-living white-centric attitude. However, don't stress about that too much. If you work towards this goal with all honesty, you will see a considerable change in your company's atmosphere and performance.

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