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Proactive Search Partners is a digital marketing and recruitment agency based in Virginia Beach. We are geared toward helping our clients gain market visibility by utilizing Google Search Engine Marketing Strategies that attract customers and talent that your business will need to support growth.

With our team of passionate digital marketers (aka GEEKS), our mission is to create a rock-solid Search Engine Marketing Campaign for a focused organic growth campaign while leveraging Google PPC strategies that Turbo Charge any SEO campaign that is built on a rock-solid digital foundation.

We Focus On Your Brand

"Your brand is the key to your company’s success. Your brand will attract the customers you want and the talent you need. By strategically implementing a solid Search Engine Marketing Campaign, you can dramatically improve your market visibility, increase sales and attract top talent. Marketing is Recruiting and Recruiting Is Marketing! The difference is the BRAND!"

– James Pemberton

When you have a solid Search Engine Marketing Strategy, you will reach potential customers and employees that will grow your company.

In short: our goal is to optimize your digital presence. We want you to be the top contender on Google with as much organic traffic as possible – both customers AND talent for your company.


Proactive Search Partners is a Digital Marketing & Recruiting Agency headquartered in Virginia Beach. We help our clients attract talented professionals and new customers or patients they require to grow and maintain stability.

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